Allyson + Chase | Senoia, GA aka Woodbury Engagement Session

When Allyson and Chase said they wanted to have their engagement session in Senoia, GA, I mentioned always being down to see where they film The Walking Dead and a bond was formed.  Allyson and Chase are huge fans and I'm so glad their engagement session also included seeing some highlights from the show and taking pictures in front the Alexandria walls.  These two are so much fun and I'm so excited for the wedding this Spring!

Simple and Elegant Wedding Inspiration | Senoia, Ga Wedding Photographer | Fine Art Film Photographer

I always love it when I get to second shoot with my sweet friend, Vic, of Vic Bonvicini Photography.  She is so kind and a joy to work with.

Alix and Eddie had a beautiful and simple wedding at a historic home near downtown Senoia (Home of the set of The Walking Dead for all you fans out there!) and the day felt so calm.  I loved it.  I also brought along one of my film cameras and finished off a roll of Portra 160 I had previously started.  Here are a few of my favorite images from that day.  


These next images were taken on film.  Can you tell the difference?