el galeon andalucia

St. Augustine | Family Vacation

Part of me hesitates to write this post because St. Augustine has felt like one of my family's best kept secrets, but alas here I am writing.  My parents started going down to St. Augustine each fall when I was in high school.  I haven't always gone with them because of college and life, but this past September my brother, sister in law and I were able to go with them!  It was our first official family vacation with all 5 of us.  It was such a welcome break and we got to walk away with some fun family memories as well.  Of course I brought my cameras, but I didn't capture every single moment.  Sometimes you just need to be present in the moment.  Here are some of the photos on film and digital.

St. Augustine in the fall is fantastic.  It's still warm enough to hang out by the pool or on the beach (unless there's a storm coming in which case it is quite windy like this year), but the crowds aren't there.  I've never really been the "SPRING BREAK WOOO!!!!" type so this is a huge plus.  

The historical district of St. Augustine is beautiful and ancient.  It's also home to nearby Flagler College.  This year happened to be 450th anniversary of the Nation's Oldest City and there were several festivities in place.  We missed the visit from the King and Queen of Spain, but we did get to board the ship, "El Galeon Andalucia", which is an authentic wooden replica of the ship that was once part of the Spanish fleet.  The crew members are all from Spain and have been traveling along the coast. I even got to use a little bit of my Spanish ;)

Of course we ate great food, but how about some shuffle board? 

We tried to get up early for sunrise one morning.  Unfortunately, the colors weren't there, but pretty nonetheless. 

My brother and sister in law and I biked to pier on Wednesday morning, where they have farmer's market.  The storm was coming in so many of the vendors weren't there that day, but we did walk out on the beach so I could get pelted by sand in the wind tunnel under the pier because that's what you do as a photographer when you want a certain shot.

Some advice for beach trips before I sign off: 1. DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS - they will never leave you alone... if only I had video... 2. Securely pack your film... some of mine got lost in transit :( 3. Always bring a headlamp for night time beach walks and crab chasing :) 4. The carousel only costs a dollar... just do it.