HVL Photo Travels | Christmas in New York

Last December, my mom and I took a spontaneous trip to NYC.  I got tickets to the Jimmy Fallon Monologue Rehearsal and then not much convincing was needed for us to use up my parents hotel credit card points, some skymiles, and book a trip to New York... in December... where dreams come true.  Seriously though, New York at Christmas time is kind of magical.  Everything is decorated and it just feels happy.  In the book, "1000 Places to See Before You Die" there's a whole section devoted to NYC at Christmastime.  I think I might need to start making annual treks to New York.  There's always something new to see.  This time we were in the city for only a few days, but we got to do and see some new and exciting things!

new york city christmas

Day 1 - December 10, 2016

We got to the city, dropped off our bags at the hotel and started to stroll around the city.  We went to go see the New York City Public Library, wandered by the Chrysler Building, went into St. Patrick's Cathedral across the street from 30 Rock and did a quick trip into Macy's, who's storefronts are definitely worth a see.  

new york public library christmas
new york city public library christmas
new york public library christmas
new york public library

One thing to note is that apparently lots of people are there to also see all of the Christmassy things so foot traffic by Rockefeller Center was pretty nuts. Oh, also, apparently Santa Con was going on so there were Santa's EVERYWHERE.

grand central station christmas
grand central station christmas
st patrick's cathendral
st patrick's cathedral christmas
rockefellar center christmas

Day 2 - December 11, 2016

We hopped on the subway and headed over to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  I'd seen the outdoor memorial before, but hadn't had a chance to go into the museum.  It is definitely worth the trip.  It is one of the most somber museums I've ever been in.  One reason is that anyone 20+ is old enough to remember that day and how it made them feel.  To see and relive that day is sobering.

st paul's trinity church
one world trade center
9 11 museum

After the museum, we took a train under the river to Brooklyn.  Next time I go, I want to hang out in Brooklyn more.  We got pizza at Grimaldi's in DUMBO and took some photos by the water because that was one of the reasons this photographer wanted to go there. Side note on Grimaldi's - apparently the Original Grimaldi's was in a smaller building a few doors down from this one.  Then they got bigger and moved to the building pictured.  Then in the 90s Grimaldi sold his pizzeria and rights to his name to the now owner, Ciolli.  Here's where it gets good - a few years ago, Grimaldi opened up a new pizzeria in the original Grimaldi's place with it's original brick ovens!  Since he couldn't use his own name, the new/old place is now called Juliana's.  So, which one is the real deal? Next time I'm there, a trip to Juliana's will be on the list.

Grimaldis pizza brooklyn dumbo

After pizza, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!  This was also on my list of things I wanted to do and let me tell you, it was freezing, but worth it! It started snowing an hour or so later when we went to a market set up in one of the squares where my friend, Tiffany was working!

brooklyn bridge dumbo
dumbo brooklyn
manhattan new york city
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge new york
brooklyn bridge
had to include some iphone pics :)

had to include some iphone pics :)

That night we went and saw Matilda on Broadway, which was awesome and TKTS pulled through for us.  We had only enough time to run back to the hotel real quick, but we made it the theater and seats were great.

matilda nyc

Day 3 - December 12, 2016

The day we left, we went and got some Stumptown Coffee, went to look at the giant tree at Rockefeller Center and then piddled around while we waited to see Jimmy! 

jimmy fallon monologue nyc

Quick shout out to my friend, Kristen for snagging a photo of us!  This was the day that instagram live was new to Instagram and Jimmy Fallon was testing it out during his monologue rehearsal that we were at!  KP saw us when the paned over the audience and took a screenshot! MVP.

What are some of your favorite things to do in NYC? What should we do next?