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I recently got my new Jet Set Weekender from Bridesmaid Gift Boutique!

jet set weekender

I’m so excited to use it on my upcoming girls trip! We’re going on a cruise next month to Turks and Caicos and the Dominican Republic and I think this bag will be perfect to tote with me. It’s spacious enough to hold everything I’d need for a weekend, but I can also throw it over my shoulder for a trip to the pool. There’s a small inside pocket - perfect for keys or a phone. There’s also a larger outside pocket that I think will keep my passport safe and everything is lined with stripes! I chose the black and had my monogram done in Ivory. It also has a detachable shoulder strap if you need something a little longer.

jet set weekender

Bridesmaid Gift Boutique also has a bunch of other items that are all customizable. They have anything from drinkware, to boxes to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids, as well as robes, jewelry, and anything else a bride or her tribe might want. Also, their gifts are super affordable so when you’re choosing gifts for all your girls, your wallet will thank you.

jet set weekender
bridesmaid gift boutique

And let’s not forget the guys! If you're looking for gifts for the men in your wedding party, check out Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. This online shop features a wide variety of unique personalized gifts for groomsmen. Go take a look, as it won’t disappoint.

Modern Map Art | Atlanta Map Print

Modern Map Art takes your favorite cities, mountains, and places and turns them into beautiful works of art. If you're looking for the perfect way to remember that trip to Europe, honeymoon, place you got engaged, your alma mater, hometown, or anything else, our maps are a great way to display that nostalgia in your home. They make great gifts, too!

I love all things Atlanta and this made a great addition to our home, plus it comes in a variety of colors and cities!

From the creator:

"Modern Map Art was founded in 2016 after I returned from my honeymoon where I was lucky enough to travel all over the world. I returned with an appreciation for the different cities I was in (Seoul, Sydney, etc.) and I wanted to take what I had learned about the culture and colors and turn that into something special.

Since I was very young, I was passionate about maps -- atlases, vintage maps, street maps -- anything I could get my hands on. I loved seeing how the urban sprawl had developed over time, and how when you look from above the lines look like an organized chaos over the city which tells it's own story. 

I started using city grids and imagery to put together with colors that represented that city to create posters and art that would look good in anyone's home or office. We started with cities we were familiar with here in the US and we're going to expand to cities all over the world. Our designs are elegant and modern, with a touch of nostalgia for anyone that has a connection to the city.

We hope that you'll love our designs, and if you don't, we're willing to work with you to help create something unique and memorable for you. I'd love to share my passion for travel and the world with you!" - Jennifer, Modern Map Art