Creative Conversations| Meet an Atlanta Filmmaker - Marc Sugrue | Intro 2 Music Video

I met Marc a few years ago when we both helped out with The Greenroom, a summer camp through Re:imagine ATL.  Since then, it's been fun to catch up with Marc every now and then and see how his filmmaking career grows in Atlanta.  

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of following the guys around on set capturing some behind the scenes moments for a music video Marc was directing. You'll be able to see the completed project at the end of the post and it's a must see! It's so good!

How did you get into filmmaking?

Well, I started off as any creative really. Confused. I loved making things, drawing, and making skits with home made puppets. My mom once said that she wanted to put me in acting school as a child. But due to a family member discouraging me I put off my creative instincts and focused on the academic. The problem with that was my grades never got above an 80 and it was super discouraging. I was trying to find my worth in grades, and I failing. It felt like not only did I put my worth into grades but the public school system only really commemorated for your diligence to academic studies and that never included the arts. Despite this I always pursued art in some way. Whether it was doodling on my notes, taking graphic design classes, photography classes, fine arts and finally in my last year of high school video production. Walking into video production was a breath of fresh air, where anything I created was right as long as it was created. My teacher Mr. Farranto of CNS high school was super encouraging and if it wasn’t for him I certainly wouldn't have found the satisfying career that I have today.  

*Side Note: You can actually read more about this on Marc's Blog - HERE.

What's been your favorite project to date?

The hard thing about art is starting off. I can’t say I have a most favorite video/film to date yet, but I will say I am most pleased with how my most recent personal project, "Intro 2"  that I released recently. That video took me months to create. We were not filming or editing for months but because it was an unofficial video, aka: not paid for by the musical artist/label, we needed to raise money by doing other corporate work and finding time to produce, scout, and film, etc. If anything I appreciate it the most because it took a lot out of me. It was diligent work, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

What kind of stories are your favorite to tell

I think to find your style of story to tell, you need to always be learning yourself deeper and deeper. Making films revolving around real characters in real stories means you have to pull from the real things around you. Your experiences - Your feelings are part of the story you're telling. For instance, when growing up I was told I shouldn’t be an artist, I spent years denying myself the pleasure of committing to the artistic side of myself. I denied and rejected apart of me. Through that, other friendship and community rejections I have gained insight on the world of forgiveness, regret, rejection and denial. I can pull from these experiences and feels to hopefully connect with the audience because I have really felt them. So the stories I have really felt and recognized in myself are the stories I want to tell.

What's your favorite role on set?

My favorite role on set is a even split between Director and Director of Photography. However, I would say DP. 

What's your favorite movie? ( I know this is probably a difficult one.)

My favorite movie, at the moment, is the 1980’s Elephant Man by David Lynch staring John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins. This movie shows what society values and what God’s real values are in humans. It's a movie that really focuses on Man vs. Inner man.  It's amazing I could write a whole blog post on it, maybe I will- HA!

Who are some of your favorite people to collaborate with?

There are a lot of talented people I like to work with. But the one person who is always there and is one of the best people I have ever had the privilege to work with is Chris Carey. The man is an amazing producer/AD I can name quite a few sets he alone has saved. 

Any advice for anyone looking into getting into filmmaking?

1. Unsolicited negative advice isn’t critiquing it is discouragement.

2. Find your purpose in why you want to create, not just creation for the sake of creation.

3. Forgive yourself for not liking your own work, it means you have gotten better for making it and you have better taste now.

As my blog is about helping filmmakers find there way through the jungle of the business world and creative aspects of filming and full time artistry in general, I have a lot to say and too little space. 

...and yes we rode in the trunk of this car with the hatch open to get the in motion motorcycle shots...

Music Video Credits:

Producer: Marc Sugrue
Co-Producer: Stefan Bekker

Director: Marc Sugrue
Director of Photography: Marc Sugrue
Assistant Director: Chris Carey

2nd Unit:
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: David Nobles
Assistant Camera: Jonathan Gabriel

3rd Unit:
Camera Operator: Bleu Hayes

Drone Pilot: Joesph Peed

Cast: (In order of appearance)
Adult One: Mark Mellete
Adult Two: Daniel Bass