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Last fall, I travelled to Illinois to visit family, take senior portraits for my cousin's kids and visit the great city of Chicago.  We were in the actual city for less than 24 hours so I definitely need to come back and check the architectural boat tour off my list, but I love getting to explore big cities!  When I told my family I was coming up, I made two requests.  One - to touch the bean and Two - to eat deep dish pizza.  I like to think I'm pretty low maintenance and we did both of these things and it was the best! Expectations exceeded!

chicago illinois travel photographer

One thing we did learn is that parking is mega expensive.  If you can take the EL, I'd suggest it.  If not, park in one spot that isn't timed like the parking deck at Navy Pier and keep it there all day and walk or uber/ lyft yourself around.  I introduced my aunt to Uber while we were there and I think she's a fan now.

bean cloud gate chicago illinois photographer
bean chicago cloud gate
bean cloud gate chicago illinois

This photo doesn't show it, but I did in fact, touch "The Bean".  The Bean is actually just a nickname for the "Cloud Gate" in Millenium Park and it's actually not that old.  The sculpture was built between 2004 and 2006.  It makes for a beautiful photo op - hence all the people, but also reflects the city's skyline on the other side. 

The Bean chicago cloud gate
chicago photographer
chicago photographer

We did a lot of walking and also got to see the boats on the waterfront of Lake Michigan and the Buckingham Fountain.  For lunch we got deep dish pizza from Gino's East!  It takes awhile to bake, but it's yummy!

chicago streets photographer
chicago skyline

The view from Navy Pier was one of the best skyline views and you guys know what a sucker I am for a good view.  Also, for those of you who remember that amazing World Series game that Cubs won last fall (yes I stayed up through the rain delay to see history happen - I can't wait for someone to make a movie about it) well, we were there a week or two before that happened - thus the Ws. Blue Ws fly everywhere - on signs, tv screens, ferris wheels - with pride for the Cubbies.

chicago skyline
fly the w chicago

Thanks for reading!  Where are you traveling this summer?