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I met Taylor when I reached out to a local group of wedding professionals about doing a styled shoot.  She was the perfect person to our Coast Wedding Inspiration shoot with and from then we've gotten to know each other and even work on other projects as well!  I'm so excited to know this lady and you should too, which is why I did a little interview with her!  

atlanta wedding planner

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Taylor and I am a Wedding Planner here in Atlanta! Although most of my time is spent in the city, I also double-time as a coaches’ wife. My sweet husband is a high school football and baseball coach, so many Friday nights after rehearsals are spent on a ball field! I absolutely love my job and am so thankful to be able to work for myself full time! Making brides’ dreams come to fruition is my passion. I love seeing brides enjoy a stress free and beautiful wedding day with the people they love most!


How did you get into wedding planning?

I got in to wedding planning from my sweet friend, Molly McKinley! I met Molly while I was in college, and it was such a God thing. His direction in my life came at the most perfect time when I had NO idea what I wanted to “be when I grew up.” After working for Molly, and with my husband’s encouragement, I was able to start my own little business!

atlanta wedding planner
atlanta wedding designer


What are your current favorite color combinations or trends?

Well! As I am currently going through rebranding, I have really been stretching myself to include more “color” into my life, and not just sticking to neutrals, which is totally my MO! I’m a neutral gal! I am loving soft mauves and darker pink and blue hues marrying neutrals. SO dreamy. 


Any advice for couples getting married?

Of course, my number one planning advice is to have a planner! (Shameless plug!) Really, having a great vendor team and someone to be the point of contact can really create a seamless day. I always tell my brides (and their moms!), you don’t want the caterer calling you while you’re getting your makeup done asking where a table should be placed. Also, and most importantly, remember that at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are GETTING MARREID! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Have a mimosa, kick back, and let your team take care of business!

atlanta wedding planner
From our most recent shoot -  CLICK HERE  to see more.

From our most recent shoot - CLICK HERE to see more.


Any advice for new wedding planners just getting started?

There is no better way to learn than working at weddings! I would say to assist anyone and everyone. I have learned almost all that I know simply from doing weddings! Working with someone who is a bit further in her career than you should not be intimidating, you should soak it in! Learn from them! (Even if they’re doing the exact job you are!) It’s the best way! This business is made up of the best girl bosses!


Favorite Atlanta venue(s)?

My favorite venue has got to be Summerour. I absolutely love working with the staff there and it’s simple aesthetic just speaks to me! (Also, it takes me back to Italy, where we spent our honeymoon and I would be more than happy to move to tomorrow! Any takers?!) 

atlanta wedding planner


What is something about wedding planners that many people may not know?

My favorite question I get asked, which can probably be echoed by most entrepreneurs, is “So what do you DO all day?” The answer is, my days are all different! However, being a wedding planner is really mixed with equal right and left-brain activities. Everything from making timelines, layouts, reviewing budgets, and catering proposals to meeting with brides, picking out flowers, scourging for the perfect invitation, and visiting venues!


What are your hobbies/ non wedding related activities?

As I mentioned before, with my hubby being a high school coach, you can usually find me at a baseball or football field any night of the week being a coach’s wife! I love these moments! Getting to know high schoolers and going through life with them is such a great experience. Also, you can probably find me out to eat with my sister, who is definitely my BFF, as often as possible (probably with a margarita in hand)!  Going out to eat is a hobby, right?!

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After planning your own wedding, was there anything you wish you did differently knowing what you know now as a professional?

Hmm, I would say that just not caring what other people think! The most important thing about getting married is your marriage! I love how truly the Lord’s love for us is displayed in marriage. Maybe also having a rain plan would have been a good idea from a professional point of view (oops, don’t tell my mother!)! 

atlanta wedding planner