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Meet Anna!  I've gotten to know this lady through friends and church and have gotten to photograph some of the spaces she and her team at Rose Hall have designed and created.  Check out our interview and some of her work below.

atlanta interiors photographer rose hall kitchen remodel

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Growing up just south of Atlanta, the city held an appeal for me and I'm glad to call it home now. Atlanta gets so much sun, and so I like to walk the neighborhoods, parks, or belt line to take advantage of it. I like sugar, like most people, but am more of a vanilla and candy person than a chocolate and heavy desserts person. 

kitchen interior remodel atlanta photographer

How did you get into interior design?

Skyscrapers in big cities have a presence that energize and excite me. Older, historical structures with extricate details enthrall me. I love wandering for hours in museums and through art shows. I have always aesthetically critiqued my surroundings. I even edit fashion and finishes in my head, not just spaces. It wasn't until college, when I had a wealth of information, resources, and opportunity in art that I decided I wanted to make design my career and not just a side hobby. 

atlanta interiors and architecture photographer rose hall kitchen
atlanta interiors photorapher rose hall kitchen

What have been some of your favorite projects?

One master bath project started as only a new vanity and by the end we designed the entire en suite. Some of the challenges in this project included remodeling a remodel, space being long and narrow, an awkward step in the middle of the space, a tiny corner shower, and a 1970s hot tub with mood lighting. Our clients wanted to open the space up, bring elements of the trees and river from outside, while maintaining an overall clean, contemporary look. Every faucet finish, paint color, light fixture shape carried high import as the restrictions in the design highlighted those elements. Our clients were thrilled and I'm satisfied we created a "contemporary, but still feels like nature" space.

atlanta bathroom remodel photographer
atlanta interiors photographer master bath rose hall

What and/or who are some of your design inspirations?

My contemporaries provide my biggest inspiration right now. Artists that I know from the art community, from school, and from the Atlanta area. I know I take color combinations from painters, spatial relationships from photographers, shapes from sculptors, etc.  I regularly check out work by Jake Gee and Laura Leslie (photographers), Myra Cargo, Augusta Wilson, and Kate Roebuck (painters), William Downs (artist), and Olivia Terrell (metalsmith/jeweler). 

atlanta master bath remodel rose hall photographer
atlanta interiors photographer master bath rose hall

What trends do you foresee in interior design and architecture?

For the past 100 years the biggest influence on the built environment has been technology. As technological innovations continue at such a high rate, there has been somewhat of a reaction valuing quality, tradition, or permanence. Much of what I see termed as new design is from specific (previously established) design paradigms incorporating new technology.

atlanta master bath rose hall interiors photographer
atlanta interiors photographer master bath rose hall

What is something about interior design or designers that many people might not know?

 I enter into people's homes and transform the space in which they live their private lives. This concept is paramount for me. A stylish home is by no means essential to life. However, the potential for the space surrounding you to influence your light reception, color relationships, spatial awareness, mental performance, and even mood means your surroundings can greatly influence your quality of life. So are throw pillows and matching curtains important? In the grand scheme of things, no. But they sure will make you feel better spending time in that room.

atlanta interiors photographer master bath

Want to get in touch with Anna?  Shoot her an email at

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