Emily + Ethan | Arabia Mountain Engagement Session

First, can I just say that Emily and Ethan are troopers?  We went out to Arabia Mountain one day right before Thanksgiving when it was super cold.  They got up for sunrise and even hiked a mountain.  I was so impressed.  They are two of the kindest people and I cannot wait for their wedding coming up in March!  

How did you two meet?

We met in the youth group at Newton Baptist Church when we were both young teenagers. We are blessed to be able to say we are high school sweethearts!

How did he propose?

Ethan put a lot of time into planning the perfect night that I will never forget! Every October my grandparents host a hayride and bonfire for the youth at our church and every year Ethan and I go to help. Ethan was helping with the "haunted" part of the hayride and I was riding in the truck with some of my family. Before going back to the house my grandaddy turned down a dirt road. Off in the distance it looked like some people were standing on the road but I could not see what they were doing. As we got closer, one by one they began to flip signs that read "Emily", "Will You", and "Marry". When we got to the end Ethan was standing off to the side. When I got out of the truck he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! I was the perfect night!