Mr. + Mrs. Bednar | Classic City Wedding | UGA Chapel + The Foundry | Athens, GA

I'm back!  Finally after a very intense May, I can finally start sharing more images with you all!  First up, is Chad and Alisa's lovely Athens wedding.  I went to UGA as a student and stayed a couple extra years in the classic city to work for a church after graduation so it was such a treat to be back.  There were so many lovely details and I adored getting to spend time with Chad and Alisa.  They are wonderful and this wedding was great day!

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Handlettering | The Bride

Florals | European Floral Design

Hair + Makeup | Makemeup

Band | Platinum

Transportation | Georgia Trolley Services

Second Shooter | Hannah Forsberg

How did he propose?

Chad planned the surprise for weeks.  Alisa ruined the surprise in hours.

Chad got the ring, bought a plane ticket, and booked a hotel in Amelia Island for the weekend.  When Chad asked Alisa what she was up to the upcoming weekend, she told him of all the plans she made (sidenote: Alisa never has plans on the weekend).  So after weeks of planning and keeping the proposal a secret, Chad had to tell Alisa "You cannot do any of those things and you need to have a clear schedule Friday through Monday".

While Alisa was binge watching Law and Order SVU, Chad sent a text saying "Welcome to this weekends grand adventure!  To start look in the box right outside your door!  PS it's behind the trashcan".  When Alisa opened the door (shoeless), there was Chad (behind the trashcan) with a ring box!  After they stumbled through words and tears..they were engaged!