HVL Travels | St. Augustine, Florida | Film Photography Series

Earlier this fall, my family and I went to St. Augustine as we have in years past.  With me, I took only my film camera and my iphone for photography purposes.  These were all taken before Hurricane Matthew decided to make a visit to the Oldest City.  Historically, St. Augustine is resilient city and I know that it is well into the clean up and restoration phases post hurricane and we can't wait to visit again!

Portra 400 | Pentax 645nii | Developed by The Find Lab 

We always start off our visit at O'Steens for yummy shrimp!  When I say start off, this was literally our first stop.  We didn't even make it to our condo yet because O'Steens isn't open Sunday or Monday so if you arrive on Saturday you better go or else you'll have to wait a long time until Tuesday.  It's also cash only so come prepared.  Next door is an antique shop to wander through while you wait for your table.  They even have a loud speaker inside so that you can hear when your party's name is called.  

Life is a little slower at the beach.  Tennis in the mornings.  Beach - sitting, charades, swimming, walking. I like to swim out into the ocean until I can't touch my feet on the sand anymore, but apparently that still makes my mother nervous... 

I love water. There's something about it that I'm so drawn to.  I love it in all its forms - lakes, rivers, oceans, anything.  It quenches thirst and provides a place for recreation.  But I'm also reminded of the biblical references about water.  When Jesus talks to the woman at the well and offers her living water so that she can no longer thirst again, he is offering himself - the only thing that can truly satisfy her soul and give her eternal life.  It's a gentle reminder for me to not try and find ultimate satisfaction in my relationships, job, money, anything but Christ who is the only one who offers eternal and complete satisfaction in him.  

I have never stayed at the Magic Beach Motel.  I just think it looks awesome.  It's a retro motel right on Vilano Beach and is still in use.... maybe one day. 

Vilano Beach - I think if I lived in St. Augustine I'd want to live right here.  It's a bit rockier and the sand is mostly shell sediment.  You see people out on their paddle boards and those houses look idyllic. We also spotted a few dolphins from the shore.  

The Nombre de Dios is a Spanish Catholic Mission and Shrine in St. Augustine most known for it's gigantic cross.

Another must is a stroll through historic downtown and dinner at Harry's.  It has a pretty patio with lights strung in the trees and live music.  It's delicious and my mom asked me if we could split the shrimp and grits ... about two weeks before we left for our trip.  Gotta plan ahead.

I like to get up early for sunrise at least one morning while I'm there because the sun coming up over the horizon is stunning.  

On Wednesday mornings there is a farmer's market down by the pier. We like to ride the bikes there and travel back on the sand before the tide comes up too far. 

Also, today is my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! To see last year's St. Augustine trip click HERE.