The Experience with Holly Von Lanken Photography | Noi Tran Photography

I recently got to spend some time with my friend, Noi, of Noi Tran Photography.  This lady is a super talented film photographer in Atlanta and I'm so thankful I got to spend more time with her.  We met up at Cacao in the Virginia-Highlands, but after a minor mishap we relocated to Noi's home for a simple indoor session.  I love how these photos turned out and I hope you enjoy getting to know a little about me and enjoy watching me get ready to send off Mr. & Mrs. Collin's Wedding.

Thank you again, Noi, for the beautiful photos.  To see this session on Noi's blog, head over to her website HERE.


Things I enjoy: coffee, this outfit, beautiful photos, film, and calligraphy.  It's all right here in these photos.  I believe the experience you get with a wedding photographer shouldn't just be on your wedding day.  It's a culmination of everything from the engagement session, to planning how the flow of the day will go, all the way down to the package that arrives on your doorstep.  One of the things I want to offer my clients, in addition to beautiful images, is that they are delivered just as beautifully and wrapped up in love.  Here are just a few things I include in each set of wedding packaging.

Calligraphy is by my talented friend, Mallory, of Castle Paper Co.

Once all the packaging is together, it gets wrapped up in love and sent with a hand written thank you note.  I believe in thanking my clients.  They could easily have chosen one of the many other talented photographers around and so, each wedding is an honor and a privilege that I get to photograph.  They let me into their lives and their families for a day and it brings me much joy to create something beautiful for them.

Thanks again, Noi!