Britt Bass Turner | STUDIO STUDIO

This girl - so wonderful.  I loved getting to spend some time with Britt at her Buckhead studio.  We chatted while I took photos and she painted.  It was a great little morning talking about life, art, and being a creative.  It was wonderful getting to meet her husband and sweet little pup and I've loved getting to see how hard she's followed after her dreams since college.  Thanks Britt for letting me come hang out at STUDIO STUDIO while you prepped for #studioseshxo!  This space is an artist's dream - light and open with fresh white walls now enhanced with beautiful hand painted canvases by Britt.  Enjoy this little peek into where all the action of Britt Bass Turner takes place including Gather Workshop tomorrow!  I loved attending this workshop and the incredible girl bosses behind it.  If you are a creative, you need to go.