Maddie & Ben | Atlanta Film Photographer | Grant Park | Valentine's Day

About a week before Valentine's Day, I had my dear friends Maddie & Ben do a session with me - on film! I had 3 different rolls of film on 3 different cameras - all with a handful of exposures left.  These 1960s/70s 35mm cameras were acquired from my Dad and Grandmother - the original owners being my grandfathers.  It was so fun to get to enjoy these nostalgic pieces while also being able to capture some moments on film.  I'm still learning about film and how to shoot it, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites :) 

Thanks again, Mordens, for being my awesome models!

The first set of images was taken on Fuji400H with a Canon AE-1 program.  I only had a few exposures left on this roll.


The next set of images was taken on Tri-X with a Pentax K1000.  I LOVE black & white! These have to be my favorites.  I had almost an entire roll left for these.

This last set is some expired Kodak taken on a Canon EXEE.  Again, there were only a few exposures left, but I was surprised with how well they turned out considering the age of the film.