Photo by Kaitie Bryant Photography

Photo by Kaitie Bryant Photography

A few other fun facts - if you can’t find me taking photos, I’m probably trying out a coffee shop, doing something outside with my friends, or finding deals at anthropologie. 

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- Holly



My name is Holly Von Lanken.  I’ve discovered that my love of photography is buried in my genetic code and I was probably taking pictures before I ever owned a camera. However, I’ll tell you some of my more recent story.  I got my first DSLR camera after I graduated from college in 2011. Mostly I took photos for fun... nothing in particular.  I just liked to shoot. Fast forward to almost a year later, one of my close friends got engaged and asked me to take engagement photos for them.  I did and quickly realized how much I loved taking photos for other people!  The kind of photos that they cherish for years to come and hang on the walls of their homes.  The ones that they pass down to their children or just look back on every so often for the memories that they hold.  I love being able to capture those moments in a split second and have them last a lifetime.  I was living in a college town at the time (Athens, GA!) and many of my friends were getting engaged and I also would take photos for them.  However, it was all still a hobby - a nice gift I could give my friends.  

In October of 2013 I moved to Atlanta, Ga and with all the stress of transitioning to a new town, job, church, etc, I set down my camera for awhile.  However, I picked it back up in the Spring and began second shooting and started tossing around the idea of photography as an actual business - for me.  In October 2014, I officially launched Holly Von Lanken Photography, LLC. I have been able to photograph so many wonderful and beautiful couples since the start and feel so blessed.  I am thankful that the Lord has given me the ability to reflect his beauty and his grace through photography.  The idea that I get to capture these moments, whether quiet or exciting, in a photograph and have them become something tangible still blows my mind every time I think about it.